The Japanese Custom Form (Import)

The Original Custom Declaration Form C5360 is the small yellow form which is distributed by the airline steward personnel on the customers in-flight to Japan.

Please advise the customer to complete two (2) of the Customs Declaration Form C5360, and check-mark the “YES” on the question “Do you have Unaccompanied Articles”

The customer is required to hand both these Japanese Custom Declaration Form(s) C5360 to the Custom Inspecting Office at the customers arriving airport at the customs inspection point (after de-boarding the airplane) of the customers accompanied articles they had with them on the airplane. At which point the Japanese Customs Office will return one (1) of the two (2) Japanese Custom Declaration Form(s) C5360 to the customer. This is the Original Japanese Customs Declaration Form C5360 that is required for the customers “Unaccompanied Shipment” for their arriving by sea or by air or both by sea and air shipments you have consigned to our care.

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