Ms. Ito (Import into Japan)

On Tue, 13 Oct 2020 at 12:12 pm, Ms. Ito Wrote*

Hello Daniel,

My boxes got here safe and sound, and I feel they have been in very good hands all along. From my fist contact with Kirsten at Flynn International, then with Crista, then with you, I always felt that the service was very professional and personalized.

Thank you for answering my numerous questions in the beginning and clarifying a lot of details. I appreciated the extra messages I received from time to time from all of you to see if everything was going well and whether I had any questions or needs.

The process of getting 90-plus boxes from Canada to Japan, from seeming large and complicated, became easy and worry-free thanks to your accompaniment.

I was also satisfied with the people I dealt with for box pick-up in Canada.

The people taking care of the delivery on the Japan-end were top class: knowledgeable, friendly, careful, conscientious. All good people doing good work.

Good teamwork,

Thank you! With appreciation.