MARINE CARGO INSURANCE for Export Shipments From and To Japan

Outline of Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance 

The purpose of -Important Notice- noted below is to outline and familiarize you on the important terms of Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance.  


Our insurance providers offer a comprehensive coverage for your household goods and personal effects at extremely competitive rates. With our impeccable track record and superior safety and quality standards, we can guarantee you peace of mind during before, during and after your move.

The insurance coverage options are:

  • Based on your valued inventory replacement value – with detailed valuation list schedule of all items in the shipment to be received by International Movers Heavy Lift Cargo Japan at least 7 to 5 days prior to a shipments first scheduled date of removal services (air or sea) scheduled for removed from the location of the items scheduled for removal services.
  • Full door to door coverage
  • Storage coverage
  • Mold and mildew coverage
  • Mechanical and electrical coverage
  • Pairs and sets

-Important Notice- 

For a full copy of “Outline of Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance” please request for a full copy via the contact form on this website and or by sending your request directly to:

As International Moving Heavy Lift Cargo Japan expects the assureds to read this document “Outline of Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance” thoroughly and understand the contents therein before signing to the application form. 

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